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Meet Stalt Financial

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Chris Ball, ChSNC


Financial Planning & Special Needs Planning

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Catherine Toone


Insurance & Operations

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Dan Zech, CEPA


Financial Planning & Business Exit Planning

"My passion is helping families with special needs. It's an underserved community that deserves highly individualized  attention."

"Objective #1 is getting to know you,  your family, and your goals. It's a vital part of what we do and frankly, our favorite part of the job!"

"Successful professionals and business owners have intricate needs. We help handle those complexities so you can focus on what you do best"

Our Mission

Our guiding principle is that a sound financial plan is greater than the sum of its parts.  Instead of focusing on the individual elements of your financial portfolio, we collaboratively help create a strategic, comprehensive plan that will evolve with you and your family's unique needs. By blending economic principles with visual simplification, we can help achieve a coordinated and integrated financial model, in which decisions can be tested and measured.

Education and plain language are central to our work as fiduciary advisors. Your ability to understand and feel good about the plan we collaboratively design is paramount to its success and will provide a framework for future financial decision-making. 

Our Story

Stalt Financial was formed after its founders Chris Ball, Dan Zech, and Cat Toone became disillusioned with the product-centered financial industry. 

Dan and Cat were former co-workers who stayed friends throughout the years. They spent many commuter hours discussing their views on how the financial services industry could better serve its clients. Dan and Chris were friends and officemates whose vision surrounding a true client-centered practice aligned on every point. 

The three met to discuss forming their own firm, it was quickly apparent that this was a professional match made in heaven. Within months, Stalt Financial was up and running and ready to serve individuals and families they believe deserved better. 

They have collectively been astonished at the amount of fun they've had while doing work that is unique, fulfilling, and beneficial to their community. They are so thankful for the opportunity to do what they love and serve you and your family.

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