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Our Team

Our Story

Stalt Financial was formed after its founders Chris Ball, Dan Zech, and Cat Toone became disillusioned with the product-centered financial industry. 

Dan and Cat were former co-workers who stayed friends throughout the years. They spent many commuter hours discussing their views on how the financial services industry could better serve its clients. Dan and Chris were friends and officemates whose vision surrounding a true client-centered practice aligned on every point. 

The three met to discuss forming their own firm, it was quickly apparent that this was a professional match made in heaven. Within months, Stalt Financial was up and running and ready to serve individuals and families they believe deserved better. 

They have collectively been astonished at the amount of fun they've had while doing work that is unique, fulfilling, and beneficial to their community. They are so thankful for the opportunity to do what they love and serve you and your family.

Why the name STALT?

You might be asking yourself, "What exactly is Stalt?" It's a fantastic question with a meaningful answer.

First off, "Stalt" derives from "Gestalt," a word that means: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This concept is at the heart of our approach to planning. We believe that the most effective financial plans consider how every component works together to achieve your unique objectives. It’s not just about the individual products; it’s about crafting a cohesive plan.

Additionally, Stalt stands for Short Term And Long Term. As we guide our clients through financial planning, we're fully aware of the necessity to balance immediate needs with future goals to ensure sustainability. A well-designed plan adapts alongside your life's changes while consistently focusing on your ultimate objectives.

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